Sustainability Day

Our industry is at a pivotal juncture

On this #SustainabilityDay, Brisk Group is steadfast in its commitment to driving sustainable practices within the construction industry, a notable contributor to global carbon emissions. #Sustainability is not merely a buzzword for us but a call to action that underpins our operations and the projects we embark upon. Adopting a sustainable approach in the construction industry is imperative to meeting the high demands of our esteemed clients and contributing to a #greenerfuture.

Our industry is at a pivotal juncture, responsible for approximately 40% of the global carbon footprint. Yet, this presents an opportunity to enact meaningful change. By implementing sustainable design principles from the onset, sourcing materials locally, and embracing innovative construction methodologies, we can substantially reduce the environmental impact of our projects.

At Brisk Group, we encourage our clients to integrate sustainable elements throughout the project lifecycle, starting from the design stages and extending to the construction and operational phases. By doing so, we contribute to creating environmentally conscious developments and enhancing the quality of life for these spaces’ inhabitants while offering lower operational costs and attracting savvy investors seeking sustainable development opportunities.

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Insightful week in Chișinău

Insightful week in Chișinău

with Brisk Group's Partner, Andrei Stoian

International Project Management Day

International Project Management Day


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