Three Seas Business Forum: Investing into a Resilient Tomorrow

Three Seas Initiative

We feel privileged to have taken part in the #ThreeSeasBusinessForum this year. This year’s theme, “Investing into a Resilient Tomorrow”, could not be more pertinent as we tackle the challenges of today and prepare for those of tomorrow. The discussions on investing in the hydrogen industries, the importance of improving rail and road infrastructure and the advancements in cybersecurity and AI have provided us with valuable insights.

At #BriskGroup, we are deeply committed to supporting #sustainability. In our field of construction consultancy, we advocate for the use of #eco materials and recognize the urgent need to accelerate the transition towards cleaner energy sources. This dedication ensures we can provide secure and environmentally friendly power solutions to our communities and economies.

Let’s collaborate, innovate, and accelerate our way to a more resilient tomorrow!

U.S. – ROMANIA Economic Forum: Innovation for Prosperity

U.S. – ROMANIA Economic Forum: Innovation for Prosperity

AmCham Romania

Amber Forest Project Updates

Amber Forest Project Updates

National Engineers and Builders Day

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